Join us Sunday Mornings

BIBLE STUDY AT 9:00   |   WORSHIP AT 10:30

God is the audience of each service. The Bible informs every aspect of the service. And while we strive to be sensitive to guests, the worship services are for Believers. Substance (the Word) and Authenticity (transparency/realness) are two words that could describe CrossPoint’s worship services.


  • God - glorifying
  • Christ - centered
  • Spirit - empowered
  • Biblically - based


  • unhurried prayer   
  • worship through song   
  • worship through the Word   
  • worship through tithes/offerings   
  • community elements


Observed on the first Sunday of every month to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice and imminent return.


Instead of passing the offering plates, we ask families or groups of friends to spend time in prayer together over their gift and then one person bring the offering to one of the baskets at the front of the building. We want to teach our children that all we have is from the Lord and we want them to understand “why” we participate in each element. The baskets we use are from Rwanda and were made by widows from the Genocide. We want to remind our people every week that God is global and much bigger than just our corner of Highland and Airline.


  • Sunday morning attire ranges from blue jeans and a t-shirt to coat and tie. On special occasions (mainly baby dedications and Mother’s Day), the pastoral staff has even been known to wear ties!
  • If flip-flops are how you roll, then put them on and come on in! We do, however, ask that you leave the tambourine playing to our gifted percussionists.