The Deacons of CrossPoint are leading servants. Based on 1 Timothy 3:8-12, qualified men are nominated by the congregation and appointed by a Deacon Selection Team. Instead of appointing new deacons on a yearly basis, CrossPoint appoints deacons based on needs in the congregation. Upon nomination, all candidates must complete Deaconology 101 (click here to view the syllabus). At CrossPoint, there is no such thing as "inactive” deacons.

All deacons work within the congregation to meet physical needs, preserve unity, and support the proclamation of the Word. 

Specific areas of ministry currently supported by the deacons include:

  • preschool ministry
  • facilities management
  • benevolence
  • media ministry (audio, visual, sermon duplication)
  • welcoming team & parking lot coordinators
  • hospital visits
  • widows ministry & homebound visitation
  • offering counting
  • administration of the Lord’s Supper
  • baptism preparation
  • many other things as needed

At CrossPoint, deacons are truly a special gift from the Lord to His Church.

Our 2022 Deacons are:

Harry Anderson

George Castello

Melvin Creel

Zeke Dunaway

Eric Guiffreda

Ben Jones

Jared Kingsley

Dale Lee

Randy Mehlon

Ben Nickens

Adam Pace

Brady Wicker

Carl Wideman

If you have specific questions about the deacons or if you need assistance in some form, contact the church office.