Shortly before He ascended back to Heaven (commentary of Jesus leaving Heaven to come to earth can be found in Philippians 2.6 -11) Jesus gave His disciples one mission: go to every nation on the planet and tell them that God has provided a way for depraved humanity to be reconciled to a holy and gracious God. As such, God desires the worship of every boy, girl, man and woman whether they live in a major urban city or an unknown village.

Specifically, Jesus asked His followers to:

  • evangelize all people by making disciples
  • establish congregations in all nations by baptizing those who believe
  • equip the new Believers by teaching them everything Jesus has taught us (which includes accomplishing God’s mission in a local and global setting!).

Accomplishing God’s mission of making disciples is not a task God gave only to the United States or to American Christians! God’s global mission is a task for Christians all over the globe! Followers of Jesus from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Europe are scattered all over the globe being disciples and making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was clear to teach that making disciples is a mission that must be accomplished at both home and abroad. To that end, CrossPoint strives to make both a local and global impact for the glory of Christ.

CrossPoint’s continual involvement in making disciples around the Baton Rouge metro area includes:



  • Homeless shelters to provide food for the body and soul
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Miscarriage ministry
  • Cleaning yards and cutting trees downed from hurricanes & other storms
  • Cutting trees & building stage in Abbie Lane Retreat Center chapel
  • Replanted Grace Baptist Church 2011-2013 // gracemidcity.com (630 Richland Avenue, BR 70806)