home groups

Home Groups are based in what we know about the early church. In Acts 2:42-47 we find the church devoting itself to the teaching of the apostles, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. We see these Christians going to the temple together for worship and later gathering in one another’s homes. Since the church was growing rapidly, they later gathered into smaller groups to share a meal & fellowship together.

At CrossPoint we seek to model this biblical rhythm by gathering for worship on Sundays and hosting Home Groups during the week. These smaller gatherings allow us to deepen our relationships through intimate fellowship, prayer for each other and eating together.

These small groups also represent the front lines of CP's strategy for evangelizing our communities and making disciples throughout the Baton Rouge area. Our Home Groups are located across Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas to encourage believers to gather with other Christians who live in close proximity. Each Home Group actively seeks out ministry opportunities in order to be the hands and feet of the Gospel through sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

All of our home groups discuss the sermon from Sunday and spend time in prayer. Some of them even share a meal together.

Our goal is to multiply these groups throughout the city so we might reach more people for Christ. If you are interested in beginning a new Home Group in your neighborhood, please contact the church office at 225.752.2400.

See our home groups below and pick one in your area! For an address or other information please call the church office at (225)752-2400.


5:00 PM - CrossPoint Campus - Adults (70817)

5:00 PM - CrossPoint Campus - Youth D-Groups (70817)

5:00 PM - The Mckays' Home (70816)

5:00 PM - The Shoffs' Home (70769)


5:00 PM - CrossPoint Campus (70817)