One can certainly say this about CrossPoint:

God's ways are not man's ways, neither are God's thoughts man's thoughts! Isaiah 55:8


God did a miraculous work in drawing together South Airline Baptist Church (est. 1989) and River City Baptist Church (est. 1992). The two churches sensed God's direction in dissolving their separate entities and forming a new church, which was named CrossPoint Baptist Church. The two groups met for the first time on September 8, 1996. The CrossPoint campus is located on 12 acres at the corner of Airline Highway and Highland Road.


Dr. Steve Veteto began serving as pastor of River City Baptist Church in July 1993 and continued as pastor when the two churches merged. Worship space and education space became an immediate problem, and construction began in January 1997 on two Sprung dome-shaped buildings. One is used as a sanctuary and the other for youth. Also during 1997 CrossPoint began a Mother’s Day Out/Preschool program that today ministers to more than 230 children.

In June 2001, Dr. Veteto left CrossPoint to serve as director of the Rocky Mountain Campus, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Subsequent pastoral leadership was provided by Dennis Mitchell from August 2002 to December 2004. Dr. Landon Dowden established the plurality of elders as he led the congregation of CrossPoint from October 2005 through July 2011. In October 2012 Nick Taylor became our Senior Pastor.

In 2010, CrossPoint moved to a plurality of Elders believing it is both scriptural and consistent with Baptist history. Two laymen, Al Jones and David Morrison, were elected to the office by the congregation. The Senior Pastor is automatically an Elder based on his call and approval by vote of the church membership. Associate Pastors and other laymen may be elected to the office by the congregation based on their call and qualifications.

At CrossPoint, the philosophy regarding Elders is that the Senior Pastor is first among equals. Other Elders are to come alongside the Senior Pastor in shepherding the flock, guarding doctrine, overseeing the life of the church, and ensuring the feeding, care, and ministry of the people. 

In January 2011, CrossPoint sent its Pastor of Music and Missions, Byron Townsend, to replant a church in Mid-City Baton Rouge, Grace Baptist Church. At that time, 65 members of CrossPoint committed to one year of service at Grace to help with the replant effort. CrossPoint and Grace Baptist Church continue to enjoy sweet fellowship and partnership, working together for the Gospel in Baton Rouge.

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