CrossPoint is in the process of planning and raising funds for a new Worship Center. We want to provide a long term worship facility that will accommodate multi functional usage while still providing a space that creates a worshipful experience allowing for each member to worship through praise and music and provides an environment for prayer and the preaching of God's word. We ask that you pray regularly and specifically for God to provide the funds needs for the construction of the CrossPoint master plan. If you feel led to give you the building fund, please contact the church office.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have been working with SALCO to finalize the shape and function of the building. We have some renderings that show you where we are right now. We are very close and have moved into the final phase of completion of the documents necessary for permitting. We are expecting to have permit applications submitted prior to April 1.

One request that was asked of us was could be create a timeline that would show each step of the process and where we are in the process. We have created a timeline that shows what we feel is our current timeline knowing what we know right now. Of course, there are many variables and some parts of this time may be adjusted over time. 

Next, we want to give you an update on our sewage situation. The property owner across Airline from us has been working closely with us to see what the cost will be to bring city sewage to our properties. They contracted with a consultant to create an estimate on what they felt the city/parish would charge for this. Remember, the city/parish would do the work to bring access to their system to our location. We would be charged and then also have the added cost of sewage fees each month. Those consultants estimate that it will cost $450,000 to bring sewage to both locations. That cost includes the cost to provide the materials, labor, necessary lift stations to provide sewage to both properties. They would actually come down one side or the other of Airline and then bore across Airline to other property. Regardless of which side of Airline we come down if we are going to share the cost we need to bore to the other side. This is a large expense. We have reached out to the other property owners between us and the current city/parish access and they have not shown any interest in sharing cost. Of course, as soon as we pay to have it done they would have access to it and would not have to reimburse any of us. We have a smaller team that is checking with local property owners further down stream from us to see if they would have any interest in going in with us on this. 

We are also checking on getting a better estimate of our installing our own treatment center. The initial estimate we got was in the neighbor hood of $130,000 however, Blake Mires, who is on our smaller team, has had some preliminary discussions with some people more familiar with these systems and feels we can probably do it for less than $100,000. We are also trying to see if there are any local property owners that might want to take advantage of our system to see if those cost can be further reduced. 

We still have work to do with regards to Audio/Video and Sound, the actual color schemes for the interior of the new building, what specifically will be in the kitchen, landscaping, signage, etc. We have mini teams set up for those areas and are addressing them as we progress through the process.